Bitcoin Perception is a media research firm dedicated to enriching the public discourse with meticulously researched, analytically rigorous, and engaging content focused on Bitcoin.

At the heart of our mission is the pursuit of truth and clarity in the increasingly complex media landscape, especially regarding public sentiment towards Bitcoin.

We specialize in delivering comprehensive analyses of how Bitcoin is perceived across online platforms and media discussions. By tracking the volume and tone of Bitcoin mentions, monitoring key topics, and measuring trends, we offer nuanced insights into Bitcoin's standing in the public eye.

Who is behind it?

I'm Fernando Nikolic, Director of Marketing and Communications at Blockstream.

In my quest to better understand the mainstream media and sharing Blockstream's stories with members the press, I realized the narrative isn't as black and white as it once seemed.

While the mainstream media's coverage of Bitcoin isn't overwhelmingly negative, I have understood that the community has experienced a sort of collective trauma.

Negative stories often resonate more deeply than nuanced discussions, yet it's important to acknowledge that there are outlets and reporters providing balanced viewpoints.

However, there are also those seemingly on a mission to cast Bitcoin in a predetermined light, regardless of developments.

It was against this backdrop that I created Bitcoin Perception.

Bitcoin Perception is designed to foster a richer conversation around Bitcoin, moving beyond superficial reporting to uncover the deeper stories that influence public perception and the Bitcoin ecosystem from the media's perspective.

This site is dedicated to exploring the nuances and dynamics at play, offering a platform for balanced analysis alongside highlighting those instances where coverage may be skewed.

The comprehensive reports, weekly recaps, and expert commentary are tailored for the curious, the informed, and the critical thinkers among us.

The goal is to challenge biases (from both sides), inspire thoughtful debate, and spark meaningful conversations about Bitcoin's role and its impact as we continue working on growing global adoption.

With Bitcoin Perception, I aim to provide valuable insights that empower you to engage with the Bitcoin world more confidently and insightfully.

Join me in navigating the complexities of Bitcoin's media landscape, armed with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the balanced coverage that does exist, while also being mindful of the narratives that shape perception in less nuanced ways.