Weekly Media Recap #48
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Weekly Media Recap #48

Bitcoin, as covered in the mainstream media.

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Date range:  June 17 - June 23, 2024

Let’s dive into the three major themes that were covered by mainstream media journalists:

1. Lines Drawn Towards the US Elections
2. Bitcoin ETF Launch in Australia
3. A Focus on Crime in the UK

Weekly Snapshot

The amount of mainstream media mentions last week. Source: https://bitcoinperception.com/data/
Sentiment analysis across all outlets. Source: https://bitcoinperception.com/data/
Leaderboard of the most published reporters/contributors last week. Source: https://bitcoinperception.com/data/

Lines Drawn Towards the US Elections

We have previously covered how the upcoming US elections have seen a Democrat/Republican divide over Bitcoin, and now the Winklevoss twins’ have given $2 million in Bitcoin to Trump, criticizing Biden for his anti-Bitcoin stance.

Key Points:

  • Geoff Earle (Daily Mail) and Siladitya Ray (Fortune) reported Trump received a $2 million Bitcoin donation from the Winklevoss twins, who criticized Biden.
  • Andrew Miller from Fox News discussed the twins' endorsement of Trump and their $1 million Bitcoin donations each.
  • NY Post contrasted Melinda Gates’ endorsement of Biden with the Winklevoss twins’ support for Trump, highlighting differing Bitcoin stances.
  • Pritam Biswas (Reuters) confirmed the $1 million Bitcoin donation from each twin and their voting intentions.

Criticisms from pro-Biden outlets included:

  • Washington Post's Philip Bump pointed out that Trump’s “Agenda 47” lacks mention of Bitcoin and focuses on promises tailored to Republican voters.
  • Meridith McGraw from Politico discussed Trump’s shifting policy positions influenced by wealthy donors.
  • Andrew Perez from Rolling Stone examined Trump’s financial support from billionaires, including crypto executives, with promises of policy favors.


  • Pritam Biswas (Reuters) and Stephanie Lai (Bloomberg) reported Trump’s campaign refunded the Winklevoss twins after their Bitcoin donations exceeded legal limits.

Bitcoin ETF Launch in Australia

Australia made headlines with the launch of its first Bitcoin ETF on the main stock exchange. This is a significant development for Bitcoin in Australia.

Key Points:

  • Lewis Jackson from Reuters covered the Bitcoin ETF launch, highlighting its significance in attracting investors back to cryptocurrency markets.
  • Sunil Jagtiani from Bloomberg also reported on the ETF listing, marking it as a first for Australia's main stock market.

Crime Focus in the UK

So while significant news like Bitcoin playing an important part in the US elections, or Australia launching its first Bitcoin ETF, in the UK, the media has focused heavily on crime-related stories involving Bitcoin.

Looking at Bitcoin Perception data and learning how the largest outlets like the BBC has historically portrayed Bitcoin negatively, it's telling how to this day, most news coverage emphasizes Bitcoin's use in criminal activities.

Key Points:

  • Joe Tidy from BBC reported on hackers attacking London hospitals and publishing stolen blood test data, presenting the hackers’ actions as politically motivated.
  • Ben Godfrey from BBC detailed a gang making millions from selling fake Xanax pills on the dark web, produced in the UK and sold internationally.
  • Josh White from Daily Mail covered a British couple running a $4 million crime gang selling fake Xanax pills from Thailand, now facing jail.
  • Dan Woodland from Daily Mail also reported on a man dubbed the 'El Chapo of the Cotswolds' facing a US trial over a $5 million drug ring involving Bitcoin.